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    Traveller by Sea

20TH December 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Thank you so much for sharing your Dream and islands with our family! You are both totally awesome! Sally in the Galley’s gourmet creations in that small space are nothing short of miraculous! Whenever Ben refuses to eat his greens, we will remind him of him eating Sally’s. Mark, thank you for your patience in entertaining the boys out on the water. You finally managed to tire out an 11 and 13 year old! Thank you for making this a dream Vacation. We hope to be soon "Living the Dream" again.

Thank you

Marjorie, Gaston, Andrew & Ben – Ontario,Canada

21ST November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
If possible, our second visit with you was even better than our first. Can’t wait for our next visit. Hopefully not so long between trips!

Lots of love

Rick Noss, USA

21ST November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Thank you for the great time! Can’t wait until our next trip and all the fun we will have!

Lots of love

DJ & Jim, USA

21ST November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Time of my life! You are wonderful hosts!

Best time ever and hope to return again some day soon!

Thanks for everything.


Brett, USA

21ST November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Thank you for the best holiday we have had. The food and company were amazing. You offer the best charter in the BVI. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brian & Baby Kyle, USA

11TH November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Thank you for giving us a very memorable trip. From the time we stepped on board you created a wonderful, fun and family like experience. You led us to the best spots to snorkel, best for overnight and best for seeing the beautiful islands.

We can’t imagine doing this with any other boat. We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful vacation. We won’t have another Rum Punch, Painkiller or even a touch of rum without these memories!

Kelly & Mark Lee, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

11TH November 2015 Dear Mark and Sally,
Wonderful sailing, snorkelling and friendship in between 3 gourmet meals a day. Plus Appetisers that we often mistook for the meal itself!

Just a perfect week. We hope to see Captain Cocktail and Admiral Sally next year for another adventure. That gives us about 12 months to work off the excess!

Vacations don’t get any better than this! We will miss you Mark & Sally

Hank & Ruth Vacarro, Florida, USA

June 22 – 29, 2013 Mark and Sally,
Thank you so much for creating a lifetime of memories. We can’t say enough about your hospitality – always the perfect hosts. Our days were just wonderful between delectable meals, delightful sails, and of course the delicious cocktails.
We appreciate you making Bob’s Birthday and Gerry and Kays ENGAGEMENT a special time – one that none of us will soon forget ☺ My (Jackie), 50th was in January and this trip was my gift – what a fabulous birthday present! All the stops and anchorages were great experiences – we appreciate your organisation! We truly found “World’s End”! God bless you, and thank you for everything!

Jackie and Charlie, Lynn and Bob, Gerry and Kay

June 21, 2013 Mark and Sally,
What an unforgettable experience! Not only was it the perfect engagement, but your hospitality and accommodations made it extra perfect! Thank you for turning off the motors, putting up the cloth (sails), and letting us climb into the helm. You guys didn’t miss or leave out anything to make our vacation memorable and enjoyable .

We are already planning our next trip to paradise aboard “Viking Dream” but it can’t come soon enough.

We saw how hard you guys worked to make our time aboard EXCEPTIONAL, but you always did it with a SMILE ☺.

Thanks X 1,000,000.

Brad and Brit, Columbia, MO

June 14 – 21, 2013 Dearest Mark and Sally,

Well you did it AGAIN!!!

ANOTHER unforgettable vacation.

We look forward to the next time.

You’ll ALWAYS have a home in to stay in Houston.

Susan and Blain Easley

June 1, 2013
There once were these two, MARK AND SALLY,
Five times with them is my tally!!
Mark masters the ocean, and concocts fine potions
While Sally crafts feasts in the galley!
With much affection,

Thom Lambert

March 8, 2013 Sally & Mark!
There is no way we could possibly say ‘Thank you’ for what has truly been the trip of a lifetime. We stepped aboard ‘Viking Dream’ not knowing what to expect. From the first moment of our arrival to the minutes leading to our departure, your nurturing and attention to detail, spirited surprises, have been unparrelled. In our family, we consider our dear friends as part of our family. We think of both of you as dear friends and can’t wait to meet up with you again on ‘Viking Dream’.

“As a dreamer of dreams and a travelling man – I have chalked up many a mile,
read Dozens of books about heros and crooks – and learned much from both their styles.”

We have learned much from both of you on this idyllic Honeymoon, and can’t wait for the journey to continue……

Arlan and Brad

April 13, 2012 Dear Mark and Sally
We had a great time on ‘Viking Dream’, and the food was great.
I LOVED Tubing and the snorkelling safaris.
The water was lovely, dessert was yummy and my vacation was awesome.

Shea ☺ Bibee, Aged 10yrs

Feb 11-18, 2012 Mark & Sally
This has been one of our favourite vacations. A good part of that is thanks to you. We so appreciate you taking such good care of us. We’ve never been spoiled so much. It was a treat to have gluten free foods to eat and made me feel special. You are both able to make your guests feel safe, and yet you’re also able to join in the fun!
Thank you for making our vows ceremony something we’ll all remember and cherish forever. We will be sure to recommend VIKING DREAM and MARK & SALLY to everyone who asks about our trip.
PS. Could not have had a better time thanks to two special people!

Deb & John

A Limerick from Tom…
There once was a couple from UK
Whose names were Sally and Mar-K
They sailed the BVI, and always said “AYE”
Yet made certain the guests were always A-OK!! ☺


Sally & Mark
This of course was a special trip for us all, and you both made every effort to add a special touch. Words alone cannot express how much you helped. We now have special friends in you!! Great sailing, great food, always a cheerful smile ☺. We hope to see you again.

Mary Kay and Tom Williams

Feb 18, 2012 Sally & Mark
What a terrific week we have had with you on the VIKING DREAM.
The cruise / sail was wonderful in every way – from the tasty meals and drinks, to the best snorkelling and play spots – we loved the Bubbling Pool!
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversaries and for acting as Officiate and Photographer, on the most beautiful Cow Wreck Beach. We will have lasting memories of that day. You are absolutely wonderful hosts, attentive and caring in every way, and we truly enjoyed getting to know you!
All our best to you and hope to see you again!
P.S. Thanks for the Roses and the Valentine Celebration!

Jim & Jennifer

November 2010 "Words cannot express how wonderful our vacation was with you. 

Mark the way you entertained the kids so Barry and I could rest or snorkel together was something we never expected.  Sally your talent as a chef is indescribable.  I am constantly being compared to Mrs Sally, something I will never be able to achieve, but you have inspired me and given me a goal. Also, the way the two of you work as a team was not only fun to watch, but also a great lesson for our children to see. The level of service you both give to your guest is far better than any 5 star resort.  Oh how I would love to hear that adorable accent...."Marrrrk, port tack" ......right now.

We had decided 2 years ago that the BVI was our favorite place in the world.  Now knowing it is home to 2 very special people makes the BVI even more close to our hearts.  Not only do we want to come back as guests again, but we hope one day......we could be your neighbors.  Until next time, thank you a million times over for the cherished memories of our week in paradise.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may God continue to bless you,"

November 2010

Barry, JJ, Grant, Reed and Blair
August 2010 “Pitch Perfect, ONCE AGAIN!!”
The food was outstanding (as were the Captains Cocktails!), and you two ALWAYS make it so easy to RELAX!

Your attention to detail is incredible. I love the upgrades – especially the trampoline pillows. It’s apparent that you’re always looking for ways to enhance your guests experience, and we certainly appreciate it.

Looking forward to next year!

P.S. Thank you for orchestrating the Dolphins!! :)

Thom Lambert
May 2010 We would like you to know, that because of your good cheer, the B V I in our book, no longer stands for British Virgin Islands, but rather:

“Oh my Gosh”, as my Dad would say – the food was delicious, the sailing was ‘unbelievable’!!

And most importantly, the Company was OUTSTANDING!! THANK YOU

The Rolfsmeyers and the Johnsons
May 2010
New Year January 2010 "How in the world does anyone with three of age sons take a family vacation where every one is “happy”. THIS WAS IT! You had something for everyone at all times. The food that came out of Sally’s galley was inspiring, to say the least. (I think you should develop a cookbook for sailing charters!)

Your collective knowledge of the wildlife, on land and at sea, and the flora was extensive and appreciated.

Thank you Mark, for your patience with Windsurfing, I secretly hope that Jon and Jared will carry on and build on their experience with you.

Your home on water is beautiful, and as people before us have stated, your are one amazing team, and just observing your love for your boat, work and respect for each other was beautiful. Thank you for the best week of vacation we have EVER HAD! I can’t wait to tell all of our friends. Looking forward to tonight’s moonlight snorkelling safari!"

Love from all of us, Jami, Jimmy, Jacob, Jon and Jared


July 2009 "You have blown our expectations out of the Caribbean! You went above and beyond in making our vacation special in every way. The meals, the cocktails, the appetizers were all incredible. Thank you also for the snorkel tours, and even the night snorkel. I was fearful , but still so thankful to have that opportunity to see what we saw.

You made our whole week a “first class” vacation. You showed us places we have never seen and you helped us relax in a way that some of us have not been able to in years and years! I saw my husband get the “giggles” for the first time in years too. Thank you for that! Your knowledge skills and spirit are something that we’ll keep with us until the next time we get to sail with you, and we will be back! Happy and Safe sailing."

Gary & Cris Pitcock, Andy & Rhonda Mc Kanna, Oklahoma City, OK

Reis Family vacation July ‘09 Mark & Sally are our favourite 2 Vikings in the whole world. Thank you for the most fabulous trip of a lifetime. You made everything greeeat! Thanks for showing us the many sights, and allowing me to wake up the boat every morning with the wake up songs!!

We love you.

Brian Reis. P.S. Please come and see us in Austin TX, and we’ll wait on you!


May 2009 "Thank you for your gracious hospitality. You re-defined vacation and pleasure. The week we spent with you will always be remembered as one of the best vacations we have ever taken. We appreciate very much your patience, the tremendous effort put in looking after everything, big or small, to ensure making our days perfect. Our admiration of Sally “and the sous chef!” is phenomenal . On behalf of Atef, Emad, Magued, Nabil, Raed and Rafik a very big thank you!"

The Toronto Egyptians!

April/May 2009 "Thank you for sharing your home with us and giving us the opportunity to “Live the Dream!!” Sally, the cooking, where do we start?! We tried to pinpoint our “favourite” dish, but couldn’t because they were all incredible!! Mark, your snorkelling spots and guided expeditions, led us to experience the underwater world like we had never seen it before – Vibrant corals, LARGE barracudas, turtles, stingrays, angel fishes, parrotfish……..our first sightings of trumpet fish, squid, Christmas tree worms, bristle worms, sea cucumbers and octopus (night snorkel!!)

Thanks for your hospitality, second to none!! The sailing, the food, the cocktails, the laughs…..we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the BVI’s.

Your love and passion for the sea, sailing and each other, is truly an inspiration. You are superb hosts, and have made this vacation special, and one we’ll remember forever. See you in the Grenadines."

Jan & Stan Wiens

April 18-25th 2009 "We set sail on a six day voyage With a crew we barely knew But it didn’t take long to fall in love With the islands, Mark, and Sally too. Each day was filled with much to do From the Willy ‘T’ to Michael Bean And lots of snorkelling in between. Captain Cocktail disappointed not And Sally’s meals always hit the spot. All expectations were exceeded daily From the Crab Cakes & Rock shrimp To Kim’s nightly Baileys. Professional windsurfers we are not But Marks patience allowed us to give it our best shot.

Nights on the yacht or the Soggy Dollar bar Made us consistently say ”Arrrrrr”. The day has come to say goodbye We have a tear in our eye But don’t you fret, we’ll be back For another ‘Viking Dream’ attack!"

Love the St.Johns golf crew, Matt & Kim McCormick, Steve and Karen Carter, Chris and Cindy Cigrand, St.Augustine, FL

April 2009 "Kent and I would like to thank you for the lovely vacation. It was a truly amazing week, from the snorkelling, land exploring, the island hopping and the wonderful food. We have already started making plans to return. I have not seen Kent that relaxed in about 10 years! Thanks again for the super lovely experience."

Kent & Cindy Griffith

"I just want you to know that this was the best vacation ever! I know my mom liked being here for her birthday! I will have a lot to share when I go back to school. I loved spending Easter with you guys it was really fun! And you guys definitely know how to have fun! I think Sally is the best cook ever! She could qualify for “Iron Chef America!” And Mark, thank you for teaching me how to kneeboard and do a 360! I enjoyed it very much."
God bless. Hanna Nordale. PS. Thanks for showing me how to drive the dinghy!

April 1, 2009 "Thank you for a super excursion. It was absolutely perfect…….Fantastic. This was the best yet. Great food, delicious drinks and a glimpse of the happily ever after! You make a great Mom and Dad. We felt very taken care of during our stay. Thank you for working so hard. We hope to return. Sincerely and with love."

Rick & Tammy Blubaugh

June 2008 "It's hard to put into words how special this trip has been for us. This trip has surpassed our highest expectations. The ‘'Viking Dream' is absolutely wonderful, and you guys add SO much to the experience! Your graciousness and hospitality are just incredible! Thanks so much for being such a special part of our 25th Anniversary celebration! We will remember it always! We're also looking forward to our next adventure on the ‘'Viking Dream'!"

Kat & Pat Casey

"Thank you so much for the wonderful 10 days on the ‘'Viking Dream’'. She's a beautiful boat and we enjoyed all of the time on and off of it. You are great hosts!

The memories we made on this vacation will be some of the best ever! This trip will go down as one of our most fondest. The food was outstanding. Thank you Sally for sharing some of the recipes'. The drinks were poisonous! Thank you Mark for keeping us hydrated. We will miss our morning chart meetings and the sights. This was the best vacation ever and thanks again for making it so memorable."

Jonathan and Melissa, Gretchen and Gary

Air Guitar "Viking Style'

Plate Lickin' Good!

"Thank you for a wonderful time on your beautiful boat. You really know how to make your guests feel welcome. The islands and snorkelling sights were all beautiful. Sally your meals were outstanding. Thank you for your recipes. I hope I can come close to the wonderful cook you are. Mark your bartending skills are great. I never enjoyed so many different kinds of drinks. The children had so much fun learning how to kneeboard and windsurf. You both made our ‘'dream vacation' unforgettable. Hope to see you again."
The Dailey's
July 2008 "Thank you for taking us on a trip of a lifetime! We have all had a fabulous time, and have experienced many new things. Many thanks to Sally for ALL your delicious meals you so lovingly cooked, and to Mark for all your wonderful Cocktails and excursions. ‘'Vikings' in Training! This trip has FAR exceeded our expectations, and we will be forever grateful. You two are simply ‘'THE BEST!' Abundant Blessings"

Terry, Jacque, Sammy and Mitchell




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